Inteview on solar lighting February 24 2015

Me being interviewed for a television station in Arlington, VA:


Yeti Solar Featured on EEWeb September 25 2014

Yeti Solar is site of the day! EEWeb is a news, information, and community site for electrical engineers. The permenant link to their writeup on us is here. We were very happy to be chosen and we're hopeful that some members of their community who want to learn more about small-scale solar will find our site useful.

To everyone coming here from EEWeb, if you have technical or other questions beyond the depth of what's explained on the site, please drop us a line!

Solar Lighting in the Amazon August 28 2014

As mentioned in a previous post, we have provided solar lighting for research stations in the Amazon. It's pretty cool to be helping the Amazon Conservation Association in their mission; they are doing fantastic work.

Robinson Palomino (the station manager) is quite happy with the LightPortal. The feedback we got was "The power of the light [it emits] is strong and lasts well", and it lets them "avoid the use of the generator, which is more contaminating".

As well as contributing to the social good, the lights we have sent to extreme environments (research station in the Amazon, clinic in the the Himalayas) really help put our rugged designs to the test. If they will work there, they will work anywhere the sun shines!

Saving Lives July 04 2014

We recently donated a solar lighting system to a clinic in Nepal, which they are using as emergency lighting for their Operating Room. Although the clinic has access to grid power, it's quite unreliable, and sometimes cuts out in the middle of surgeries! Prior to installing solar powered backup, their Plan B for lighting in the Operating Room was hand held flashlights.

Solar Gardening May 09 2014

Our customers put our solar kits to some creative uses; this is a recent favorite:

One of our solar charging kits is charging a battery to run a Raspberry Pi which monitors the temperature and humidity in a garden. Eventually, it will also include a pump to mist the plants when they get dry.

Sneak Preview of Build Your Own Flashlight Kits March 26 2014

We're still working on the documentation and so forth, but we wanted to make advance copies of our new build-your-own flashlight kits available now. And yes, the whole head of the flashlight is glowing: that's not a camera artifact.

Cut Heatshrink and Wire to Precise Lengths Quickly and Cheaply March 26 2014

It's my opinion that there are two very different kinds of laziness. Laziness that encourages procrastination is a vice. Laziness that motivates efficiency is a virtue. With that in mind, I was recently looking for a faster and easier way to cut heatshrink tubing (and if possible, wire).

Light in the Congressional Cemetery January 20 2014

The Congressional Cemetery had a problem. Before you start imagining long-dead politicians rising from the grave to filibuster and perhaps agitate for a silver-backed currency, let me clarify: the Congressional Cemetery had a lighting problem.

The Headwaters of the Amazon January 20 2014

Just downstream of the Andes in Peru and Bolivia is one of the most remote, biodiverse, and generally amazing ecosystems in the world.

Make Your Own Snap Together Electrical Connectors December 16 2013


Whoever said “consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds” never tried to build anything. Learn how to standardize your off-grid projects using Powerpoles, the same professional quality electrical connectors we use.


Yeti Solar at Snow Walker's Rendezvous December 12 2013

Think of a business conference. Then subtract the suits and add fleece, gore-tex and furs.

Custom Cutting Designs November 10 2013

The light diffusing material that we use on our solar lights is very efficient and has a clean, simple look. In some cases, though, you might want something fancier. Well, we have the versatility to cut almost anything.

Yeti Solar Now Accepts Bitcoin at Checkout November 04 2013

At Yeti Solar, we support decentralized power generation, and we have a soft spot for decentralized digital currency as well.

We have accepted payment for orders using Bitcoin for about two years now, but customers had to do a somewhat complicated back-and-forth through email. As of today though, we have Bitcoin payment integrated as an option in the checkout process. Crypto-anarchy nerd rejoice!

For those of you who have no idea what we're talking about, don't worry; we still accept credit cards and Paypal.

Regarding Chickens November 02 2013

One of the fun things about designing and manufacturing solar lighting systems has been the interesting and often unexpected uses people have found for our products.

Yeti Solar at Island Energy Institute Conference October 31 2013

Yeti Solar was at the Island Institute Energy Conference, October 18th and 19th in Belfast, Maine.This was our first year at that conference, and it was eye-opening.

Photos from the Solar Decathlon October 31 2013

The Solar Decathlon is a global house-building competition sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, which we went to this October.

Yeti Solar at SEAREI Solar Garden Party October 03 2013

Yeti Solar was at the SEAREI (the Seacoast Area Renewable Energy Initiative) solar garden party and fundraiser last Saturday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. SEAREI is a small not-for-profit organization that we've partnered with in the past; we were very happy to donate one of our solar powered lights for them to raffle off at the event. SEAREI raised a lot of money and recruited a whole lot of new members, attendees got great local food and drink and won prizes, and we got to talk to a number of interested folks about what solar lighting can do for them. A good time had by all! If you are in the coastal New Hampshire area, you should really check SEAREI out!

Yeti Solar at Maker Faire September 28 2013

Well, this was our first Maker Faire last weekend, and it was an adventure. We got a lot of people thinking about solar, I nearly lost my voice, and I met myself at age four (OK, it wasn't really me, but we share a pretty unusual name and he does look very much like me at that age).

(Rustam, age 4 and Rustom, age 27)

A Note About Wood Veneer Lights September 13 2013

There are few natural materials as beautiful as wood veneers. Use of wood veneers stretches back at least as far as ancient Egypt (found in King Tut’s tomb). Master furniture makers such as Hepplewhite and Chippendale utilized beautiful veneers in their work.

Jon’s father LeRoy Meyer and grandfather Edward Meyer used wood veneers in their exceptional furniture (Wycombe, Meyer Inc.) in the early through late 20th century. Some of their furniture was purchased for use in the White House. Rustom Meyer (CEO and chief lighting engineer) represents the fourth generation of design/manufacturing in this family. Today, the wood veneer lamps and lights from Yeti Solar, LLC have been chosen for inclusion in the prestigious US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon for the solar house by finalist Norwich University. These incorporate fine contemporary design with cutting edge LED lighting technology, and use about a tenth of the energy that would be required for equivalent incandescent lamps.

Yeti Solar (TM) at US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon September 05 2013

Well, we just put the finishing touches on over a dozen beautiful new prototype lights for the Norwich University Solar Decathlon Delta-T-90 house.

Birch Cylinder LED Light

More About Tax Benefits September 04 2013

Equipment to generate renewable energy, which is installed in your primary residence is eligible for a 30% tax credit under the IRS Credit for Residential Energy Efficient Property. Equipment to store renewable energy (such as batteries, charge controllers, etc.) may or may not be eligible. See this article for more information. To makes things simpler for our customers, we have created the following manufacturer's certifications for three of our products: the LightPortal, the LightPassage, and the 12V DC Charging Station, which specify what percentage of the system is eligible for the credit. That is not to say that none of our other products are eligible for tax credits, but you will have to determine that based on how you use them.

If you want to dig in to what the IRS has to say, you can read the full text of Credit for Residential Energy Efficient Property.

A lot of states also offer tax benefits for solar energy and/or high efficiency LEDs. Take a look at to find out what your state offers. Between state and federal tax benefits, you can sometimes cut the cost to you of our products by half or more! Given that many of our products save you money from day 1 versus buying conventional fixtures, this makes for some very good financial incentives.

Where to Put a Solar Light September 03 2013

South Wall for Solar Panel Good Place for Solar Light Bad Place for Solar Light

pick a good spot for the solar panel outside
that gets good direct sunlight

and a good spot for the
light fixture inside

where it won't shine in
your eyes

Back to LightFair August 29 2013

Read our report on this year's Light Fair International in the Green Energy Times (June 15, 2013 edition, page 26).

Come See Us At Maker Faire August 07 2013

[re-posted from archive]

Yeti Solar will be at World Maker Faire New York, September 21st and 22nd 2013. We will be exhibiting our new line of products designed to help you get renewably-powered light anywhere you need it, anywhen you need it. We will also be showing off some tinkering with LED flashlights and other goodies we've been working on in the lab. Stop by our booth, let's talk about the problems we can solve with solar!


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