Custom Cutting Designs November 10 2013

The light diffusing material that we use on our solar lights is very efficient and has a clean, simple look. In some cases, though, that is not the look you are going for. Well, besides cutting clean, simple-looking designs, our equipment can create very elaborate designs. Double those up with a plain diffuser, and the pattern shows right through. Here are some examples of custom designs cut into the LightPortal/LightPassage diffuser:

Solar light for a chicken coop?
Make it a chicken palace through interior decorating!

Another example of a single-cutout design.

This pretty much had to be done.

The triskelion: a 5,000 year old symbol.
The long arms don't lie flat (thus shadows).

Our favorite flame pattern.

The dove of peace.

Our most ambitious cutting to date: an intricate mandala.

To order a solar light with one of the above designs or your own design, submit a custom design request.