Yeti Solar at Snow Walker's Rendezvous December 12 2013

Think of a business conference. Then subtract the suits and add fleece, gore-tex and furs. Now swap out the convention hall for a campground/outdoor center. Instead of a presentation on leveraging social media, there's a workshop on making you own deerskin mittens. That's Snow Walker's Rendezvous. Turns out people that live hundreds of miles from the nearest road, never mind power line, have some interesting uses for solar lighting. One cool project that came out of Snow Walker's Rendezvous: we will be working with documentary filmmaker John Houston to provide solar lighting to Inuit communities in arctic and subarctic Canada. Obviously, when the sun shines all day you don't need solar light and when it doesn't shine at all your battery runs out, but that still leaves more than half the year when a solar light can help these communities cut down on kerosene/diesel.