Light in the Congressional Cemetery January 20 2014

The Congressional Cemetery had a problem. Before you start imagining long-dead politicians rising from the grave to filibuster and perhaps agitate for a silver-backed currency, let me clarify: the Congressional Cemetery had a lighting problem. One of their outbuildings had no lighting (or electricity of any kind). The cemetery is a big place, and even if they wanted to run power lines all the way back there, they would likely have to exhume and move some human remains to run a buried cable. Enter off-grid solar power.

Beautiful cemetery grounds

Installing the solar panel

The end result: light where it used to be pitch black

The installation went great;
the less-than-enthusiastic expression was because I was freezing my face off!

In cooperation with Digitalphase, whose proprietor Pierre Yves (center in the last photo) volunteers at the cemetery, we put in a system that can be expanded to include an inverter, allowing people to run power tools or pieces of work equipment in the future. The electronics are on a display board (behind us in the last photo), so that curious volunteers can see how they work.