Where to Put a Solar Light September 03 2013


South Wall for Solar Panel Good Place for Solar Light Bad Place for Solar Light

 pick a good spot for the solar panel outside
that gets good direct sunlight

and a good spot for the
light fixture inside

where it won't shine in
your eyes

Where to Put Your Solar Panel

You want to find a spot on the outside wall of your house (or shed, barn, cabin, etc.) that gets as much direct sunlight as possible, with as little shading as possible (from trees, walls, buildings, roof overhangs etc.). It's a good idea to take a look at a potential site over the course of a day or a few days to see how much sun it gets at different times of day. Pay particular attention to the amount of sun that the potential site gets between the hours of 9am and 3pm, as this is when the sun is highest in the sky.

South Wall for Solar Panel Partial Shade: Solar Panel Questionable Full Shade (Overhang): Do Not Place Solar Panel Here
a south facing wall with no shade
is ideal
 partial shade is not good, but
will still generate some power
deep shade, like under an
overhang, will not work


Roof installation of the panel is possible, however the panel may be covered in snow in the winter if you live in a snowy climate. If snow accumulates on your roof in the wintertime, and you want to use the solar light in the wintertime, it is suggested that you mount it on the wall. Metal roof scrapers can easily crack or otherwise damage the (glass-faced) panel. If you decide to install the panel on your roof, be careful to completely seal any holes you drill using the included tube of caulk, to avoid leaks.

The other thing to keep in mind is that your sunny spot needs to be reasonably close to the spot (indoors) where you want to use the light fixture. The solar panel comes with 20 feet of wire for the LightPortal and 10 feet for the Light Passage, so the solar panel can be installed somewhat less than 20/10 feet away from where you want the light to be on the interior side of the wall.

Where to Put Your Light Fixture

The LED light fixture that comes with our solar lights is designed to be installed on the interior side of an exterior wall of your house (or shed, cabin, RV, etc.). Keep in mind that this light fixture is bright, so you will want to install it in a location where you will not be looking directly into the light most of time (for example, you would not want to install it directly behind your desk, as show below).

 Good Place for Solar Light Bad Place for Solar Light
this light would shine on your
book, while you read on the sofa
this light would shine in your eyes,
while you work at the desk


Do not install the light fixture on a ceiling. Do not install the light fixture in very humid areas (for example, bathroom with shower), or outdoors, as it is sensitive to moisture.