More About Tax Benefits September 04 2013

Equipment to generate renewable energy, which is installed in your primary residence is eligible for a 30% tax credit under the IRS Credit for Residential Energy Efficient Property. Equipment to store renewable energy (such as batteries, charge controllers, etc.) may or may not be eligible. See this article for more information. To makes things simpler for our customers, we have created the following manufacturer's certifications for three of our products: the LightPortal, the LightPassage, and the 12V DC Charging Station, which specify what percentage of the system is eligible for the credit. That is not to say that none of our other products are eligible for tax credits, but you will have to determine that based on how you use them.

If you want to dig in to what the IRS has to say, you can read the full text of Credit for Residential Energy Efficient Property.

A lot of states also offer tax benefits for solar energy and/or high efficiency LEDs. Take a look at to find out what your state offers. Between state and federal tax benefits, you can sometimes cut the cost to you of our products by half or more! Given that many of our products save you money from day 1 versus buying conventional fixtures, this makes for some very good financial incentives.