A Note About Wood Veneer Lights September 13 2013

There are few natural materials as beautiful as wood veneers. Use of wood veneers stretches back at least as far as ancient Egypt (found in King Tut’s tomb). Master furniture makers such as Hepplewhite and Chippendale utilized beautiful veneers in their work.

Jon’s father LeRoy Meyer and grandfather Edward Meyer used wood veneers in their exceptional furniture (Wycombe, Meyer Inc.) in the early through late 20th century. Some of their furniture was purchased for use in the White House. Rustom Meyer (CEO and chief lighting engineer) represents the fourth generation of design/manufacturing in this family. Today, the wood veneer lamps and lights from Yeti Solar, LLC have been chosen for inclusion in the prestigious US Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon for the solar house by finalist Norwich University. These incorporate fine contemporary design with cutting edge LED lighting technology, and use about a tenth of the energy that would be required for equivalent incandescent lamps.