Yeti Solar at Maker Faire September 28 2013

Well, this was our first Maker Faire last weekend, and it was an adventure. A day of setup, and two days of non-stop talking and demos. We had people asking us about solar lighting for development work, cabins, power outages (people in NYC are quite aware of the danger of power outages these days), boats, sheds, and even a treehouse!

We got a lot of people thinking about solar, I nearly lost my voice, and I met myself at age four (OK, it wasn't really me, but we share a pretty unusual name and he does look very much like me at that age).

   (Rustam, age 4 and Rustom, age 27)

Rustam was the youngest of a diverse group of people to participate in our 'put together a solar light in under a minute' demo.

The first step to customizing a solar lighting systems is to pick a solar panel size.
Decisions, decisions...

Rustom demonstrating how remote controls work.