Photos from the Solar Decathlon October 31 2013

The Solar Decathlon is a global house-building competition sponsored by the United States Department of Energy, which we went to this October. It was held in Irvine, California this year (all previous competitions have been in Washington, DC). It's great that the event is getting some west coast exposure.

In addition to going there to see awesome, futuristic houses, we also wanted to see what people though of the high-efficiency LED lighting we provided throughout the house for one of the finalists. People had a lot of questions and comments; several architects that toured the house had very nice things to say about the lighting.

One question we got from a lot of visitors was "Why do you have such a nice light in the laundry room?" Well, in a house this size, there's no room for any place to be ugly.


In front of house
We've arrived!

One of many 'wow' reactions to our lights.

Our booth area, besieged by curious visitors.