Exclamation Light (TM)



  • Bright enough to light up a whole room!
  • Can be powered by a LightPortal, a 12V DC Charging Station, or any other 12V DC power system.
  • 12V direct-current system is simple and safe enough to install yourself. Generally installs in under 2 hours with basic tools.
  • Includes 30 feet of indoor/outdoor cable. Cable terminates in click connects, which makes hooking it up to a LightPortal literally a snap.
  • Can be controlled by adding a remote control or motion sensor, or on a schedule by adding a timer.
  • Uses same high-efficiency LEDs as the LightPortal with a 3 way (high, low, off) switch: High ~1300 lumens (13 Watts); Low ~600 lumens (5 Watts); Off 0 lumens 0 watts.


The Exclamation Light is a 12V DC LED wall light. More than that, it's a fast, easy way to extend your LightPortal lighting system to another room. Or, connect it to your own 12V DC power system (such as a solar power system). With the right size system and enough Exclamation Lights, you can light up pretty much anything; our customers have used them for buildings ranging in size from small cabins to large festival dance halls! Choose from one of our diffuser (lampshade) options or customize it to your decor by interleaving a sheet of your own! Pretty much anything thin, flexible, and transparent will work, and by sandwiching it in the middle of our unique two-layer system, you can protect and support even very delicate materials.

The latest in high-efficiency LED technology makes this one fixture bright enough to light up a whole room (indoor use only). This system has been meticulously designed for easy installation and worry-free use. Besides a few tools, you'll find everything you need in the box for a complete installation. The Exclamation Light is shipped with all the odds-and ends (wall anchors, diffuser, cable staples, mounting template etc.). Made in USA of US and imported parts.

Easy step-by-step instructions for installation in under two hours with some basic tools.

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