Solar Charge Controller



  • Uses energy from a solar panel to charge a 12V battery.
  • Rated for up to 3 amps of charging current (approximately a 50 Watt solar panel).
  • Charges using boost, equalize, and float stages; uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).
  • Low standby power consumption (0.001 miliAmps).
  • Includes color coded click-connects to connect solar panel, battery, and load (e.g. Exclamation Light, USB Adaptor, etc.).
  • Red light indicates charging; green light indicates battery connected.
  • In-line fuse for extra battery protection.


A charge controller charges and maintains the battery, and keeps the solar panel from overcharging it. It also prevents connected power loads from over-discharging the battery and damaging it. Essentially it is the brain of a solar power system. Yeti Solar charge controllers come with an in-line fuse which will trip in case of a short circuit on the load wiring. A tripped fuse will then glow red.

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