About Us

Who We Are

Yeti Solar, LLC (TM) is a pioneer in the field of indoor solar lighting and super high efficiency lighting. CEO Rustom Meyer first became interested in solar energy while researching improved solar box cooker designs as an undergraduate at Cornell University. He graduated Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science Cum Laude, and a Masters of Engineering in Biological and Environmental Engineering, also from Cornell. He holds a Professional Engineer's license in Environmental Engineering. Rustom has been researching, designing, prototyping, and directing manufacture of high efficiency, well designed indoor solar lighting and LED systems since 2009. His driving passion is to make these systems so affordable, adaptable, reliable, and user friendly that solar lighting becomes the obvious choice for everyone.

Jon Meyer is a third generation designer, artist, and woodworker. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a BS in Engineering and design, and has graduate degrees in art (MFA Rutgers) and design (MID Pratt Institute - product design, interior architecture). He has also lectured in Europe, China, India, and across the US on contemporary design, and his work appears in the collections of 16 museums globally. His lamp designs are inspired by the beauty of the interplay of light with veneers of northern woods such as birch, cherry, oak and ash. These allow light to show the color, structure, grain, and texture of these species. Jon Meyer's veneer lamps were recently shown at the US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.

What We Can Do Together

The latest data from the EIA (Energy Information Administration) shows that the United States uses about 461 billion kWh of electricity for lighting each year. When (not if) LEDs replace most incandescent and fluorescent lighting, consumption will be reduced by at least half. That’s a savings of 26,000 GW of continuous power, which means that we could in theory shut down about 49 typical coal plants (see EIA data on summer capacity and number of coal plants). And that’s just with the LED efficiency of today! With improving LED efficiency and solar driven LED lighting, we can do even more1. Interested?

1When we first ran these numbers a year ago, our projection was that we could shut down 64 coal plants with LED lighting. What's happened since then? Power used for lighting has already started to decline due mostly to LEDs.

Rock Solid Reliability

There are a lot of 'solar lights' out there that are barely worthy of the name. They fall apart or fade practically as soon as the customer gets them out of the box, leaving them with a bad taste in their mouth and doubts about solar power. We, on the other hand, make lighting systems that will be antiques before you need to replace them. All our products come with a warranty. We can count on one hand the number of customers who have contacted us about problems with our products, and we fixed every one of those problems.

With each purchase, a customer gets to see how incredibly useful this technology is in their everyday life, and how liberating it can be to plan lighting around where you need it instead of where you can plug it in. Whether you want to save money, save the planet, add lighting in remote locations, or are just tired of stumbling around in the dark when the power goes out, we have solutions for you.


Rustom Meyer
CEO, Yeti Solar