LightPortal Complete Technical Specifications

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Light Run Times

Daily Use: With optimum placement of solar panel, light can be used for 11+ hours a day (low mode), or 5 hours a day (high mode), and be fully recharged the next day.

Emergency Use: By draining battery completely, light can be used for 48 hours straight without recharging.


The Solar Panel

Description: Solar panels are a clean way to generate electricity, and use a widely abundant resource (sunlight).
Specifications: 20 Watts; tempered glass front; weather-resistant anodized aluminum frame; mounting hinges and bracket attached; 20 feet of 16-2 AWG stranded tinned copper, water blocking, sunlight resistant, indoor/outdoor cable with click connects for quick installation.
Dimensions: 19.3 inches by 13.8 inches by 1 inch

The Charge Controller

Description: A charge controller charges and maintains the battery, and keeps the solar panel from overcharging it. It also prevents the LEDs or other loads from over-discharging the battery and damaging it. Yeti Solar pre-installs it in the light fixture, with color coded click-connects to connect solar panel, battery, LEDs and (optional) Exclamation Light.
Specifications: Charges using boost, equalize, and float stages; uses Pulse Width Modulation (PWM); red light indicates charging; green light indicates battery connected; low standby power consumption (<0.001 miliAmps).


The Battery

Description: This lead-acid battery is maintenance free, and lasts for years. Be sure to recycle it if you replace it!
Specifications: 12V, 9 Amp-hours; Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) deep cycle battery.

The Light Fixture

Description: The light fixture holds the charge controller and the battery, mounts onto any wall, and provides light from LEDs. The LEDs used are the most efficient that are commercially available.  The diffuser (lamp shade) is a flexible sheet of polymer bent into an elegant shape inspired by Japanese paper lampshades. It provides soft and diffuse light.
Specifications: Wear-resistant anodized aluminum frame. Diffuser (lamp shade) transmits 87% of the light (most glass or acrylic diffusers transmit only 40-60%), and provides 88% haze (light scattering to avoid 'hot spots'). LEDs provide over 100 lumens/Watt, with control circuitry (~10x more efficient than an incandescent bulb, ~2-3x more than a compact fluorescent).
Switch selects high (~1300 lumen), low (~600 lumen), and off mode (like a flashlight, the light output is reduced slightly when the battery is low). Color temperature is 3,000 K (Warm White).
Dimensions: (without diffuser) 6.1 inches tall, 7.1 inches wide (top), 4.3 inches wide (bottom), 3.3 inches deep.

Other Hardware

The LightPortal is shipped with all the odds-and ends (screws, wall anchors, silicone sealant etc.) that you will need to complete installation. It even includes an extra-long drillbit in case you need to run the cable through a wall. No last-minute trips to the hardware store needed!

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Summary Specifications

Solar Panel
Peak Power: 20 Watts
Mounting: Attached hinges and bracket
Mounting Angle: ~35 degrees (adjustable)
Cable: 20 feet, 16-2 AWG, indoor/outdoor
Charge Controller
Charging Method: PWM
Standby Power Consumption: <0.001 mAmp
Protection: Overvoltage, Reverse Polarity, Low Voltage, and Short Circuit
Chemistry: Lead-acid (AGM)
Cycling: Deep cycle
Voltage (nominal): 12V
Capacity: 9 Amp-hours
Light Fixture
Color temperature: 3000K (Warm White)
Switch: 3-way (high, low, or off)
High Mode: Power 13W, brightness ~1300 lumens
Low Mode: Power 5W, brightness ~600 lumens
Mounting: Wall-mount w/included anchors
Diffuser: 87% transmission, 88% haze