....we are still very pleased with our lights. I've been able to use mine for several
hours a night (after a sunny day) even with the less than ideal Southwestern exposure.

Greg Pahl – Author of The Citizen-Powered Energy Handbook

I put in my light a week ago and wanted to update you. Installation was very
straightforward. Collector is due south. I'm very impressed that the [charging]
light glows in very little ambient light--right after sunrise with clouds!
Dick Thodal – Board member of ACORN Renewable Energy Coop

I really like this light. It was very easy to install, and I use it every day.
Jean Gerber – Lives off-grid, lights up her whole cabin with one LightPortal

There are many of us who would like to go solar but don’t have the financial means.
We like our lights and use them every day. We like not having to pay for power for our
Tom Simon – Board member, COOP Power

This light is great. Good job!
[in reference to using a LightPortal to stimulate chicken egg-laying]

Pat Foreman – Author of Chicken Tractor, City Chicks, co-author of Day Range Poultry
and Backyard Market Gardening. Former Co-host of the Chicken Whisperer Backyard 
Poultry and Sustainable Lifestyles Talk Show

I just love that I can turn on my light, read, eat, whatever
and I'm not paying anything for the usage.

Ann Bliss – President Seacoast Area Renewable Energy Initiative

I think you have a great product.
Gary Church-Smith – Product Tech Support Manager, Energy Federation Incorporated

The light is cool.
Mike Solimano – President & General Manager at Killington Resort & Pico Mountain

By the way, my electric bill went down by almost half this month ...the other day we had
a bad thunderstorm and I was the only one on the block with three lights on in my house
...and I've shown your products to a number of my friends at work -- you will probably get
some more customers from the local Richmond area soon, hopefully.
Joseph Smith – Lights up most of his house with Yeti Solar lights


We've also got a few reviews of the LightPortal on amazon.com.