20 Watt Solar Panel



  • Converts sunlight into electricity. Power under standard test conditions is 20 Watts; this translates to an average of 100 Watt-hours of energy generated per day in an ideal sunny location in the continental United States.
  • Pre-attached adjustable bracket and hinges make for easy wall mounting/angle optimization.
  • Comes with 20 feet of 16-2 AWG stranded tinned copper, water blocking, sunlight resistant, indoor/outdoor power cable.
  • Color-coded click-connects allow for easy electrical connection with other Yeti Solar products.
  • Tempered glass front face, anodized aluminium frame, and thorough and redundant sealing with silicone make panel highly weatherproof and shatter-resistant.
  • Dimensions 19.3" by 13.8" by 1".


Solar panels are a clean way to generate electricity, and use a widely abundant resource (sunlight). Solar panels generate DC (direct current) power and are frequently used to charge batteries (you will need a charge controller for that application). Solar panels make great backup and independent power supplies. They have no moving parts and barring mechanical damage (i.e. stray baseballs) will last for decades with essentially no maintenance. 

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