9 Amp-Hour Battery



  • Uses Adsorbed Glass Mat (AGM; also known as starved electrolyte) lead-acid chemistry.
  • Capacity is 12 Volts, 9 Ampere-hours (108 Watt-hours at 20 hour discharge rate).


This lead-acid battery is maintenance free (no need to add water). The use of AGM ensures that even if the case in cracked, it will not leak acid (damaged batteries should nonetheless be replaced). It's good for hundreds to thousands of charge/discharge cycles, depending on depth of discharge. To prevent wearing out your battery prematurely, make sure whatever you power with the battery will draw less than half the battery's capacity in an average day. 

Be sure to recycle it if you replace it! Lead does not belong in landfills where it can leach into the water table. Also, recycling lead ensures less environmental impact due to mining/smelting lead in the future.

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